Reduce Vehicle Idle Time


Each year, billions of dollars are spent on idling vehicles  – from ambulances and police cruisers to construction equipment and refrigeration trucks. In the U.S. alone, vehicles consume more than 6 billion gallons* of fuel each year – when they’re not moving! That equates to $20 billion in fuel costs.

Vehicles are often left idling for hours because their engines must power mission-critical, on-board systems. What if you could reliably power those systems with the engine shut off? It would cost less fuel, less engine wear and tear, fewer emissions, and savings for you.



Let’s work together to reduce your operating expenses

There are a number of proven alternate mobile power sources that are robust enough to power police K9 units, emergency medical equipment, reefer trailers, video cameras, and more. We understand the intricate details about how these systems work. Our experts can use diagnostic tools to determine the precise power needs of your fleet, and identify the mobile power source that’s the right match for your requirements.

Think this is a costly investment? Think again. Most of our clients discover that Certus fleet management solutions pay for themselves as a result of ongoing savings generated by reduced fuel and vehicle maintenance expenses. An alternate mobile power source can reduce idle time and extend the useful life of your fleet vehicles. Contact us today!


Vehicle Management Services

  • Track Mobile Power Usage & Idle Time
  • Baseline Requirements & Identify Savings Opportunities
  • Evaluate Capabilities of Alternative Mobile Power Sources
  • Manage Purchase & Installation of Mobile Power Units
  • Train Fleet Operators on Equipment & Monitor Performance
  • Negotiate Fuel Contracts for Additional Cost Savings


SOURCE: Figures regarding annual fuel consumption stated according to this 2013 Report from the U.S. Department of Energy.