Manage Energy Costs


Managing the energy costs of commercial or industrial facilities spread across multiple sites is often a time-consuming, pain-staking process. That’s why very few companies truly understand their energy usage or if they’re paying a fair purchase price. There are currently more than 400 regulated utility companies in the U.S. and each has their own unique rate schedule and tariff. From natural gas to electricity, the options in de-regulated markets are confusing and the utility bills are difficult to decipher. To add fuel to the fire, government energy-efficiency mandates must be adhered to and virtually no facility manager has the time to sort it all out.


Put our energy insight to work for you.

At Certus, we know energy inside and out. We understand the latest government regulations and have years of experience managing the price volatility associated with commodities such as natural gas and electricity. We can analyze your operation, capturing essential information about energy consumption and identify areas for improvement. We’ll help you to make smarter purchasing decisions and ensure your operation is running as energy-efficient as possible.

We take a comprehensive approach to energy management, examining both the supply and demand sides of energy management as it applies to each individual facility. Our experts can provide you with an in-depth, objective analysis of your energy consumption from the ground up. Our findings are supported by real, measurable data that can be used to help you achieve the energy-efficient, well-managed environment your company needs to control energy costs.

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Energy Management Services

  • Comprehensive Analysis of Your Current Energy Usage & Costs
  • Identify Specific Opportunities for Savings
  • Evaluate Cost-Competitive Suppliers in Each Market
  • Implement Agreed Upon Improvements
  • Establish a Process to Facilitate Ongoing, Proactive Energy Management
  • Recommend Grants & Financial Incentives Available for Environmental Improvements


“We stand in our clients shoes and solve problems from their perspective.”  – Mike Moore, President, Certus Resource Group