At Certus, our experts use proven methods to generate reliable results and a measurable return on investment. As your business partner, we will work with you to generate energy and cost savings for your business.



manage-energy_thumbnailEnergy Management

  • Comprehensive Analysis of Your Current Energy Usage & Costs
  • Identify Specific Opportunities for Savings
  • Evaluate Cost-Competitive Suppliers in Each Market
  • Implement Agreed Upon Improvements
  • Establish a Process to Facilitate Ongoing, Proactive Energy Management
  • Recommend Grants & Financial Incentives Available for Environmental Improvements







Reduce_Idle_Time_ThumbnailVehicle Management Services

  • Track Mobile Power Usage & Idle Time
  • Baseline Requirements & Identify Savings Opportunities
  • Evaluate Capabilities of Alternative Mobile Power Sources
  • Manage Purchase & Installation of Mobile Power Units
  • Train Fleet Operators on Equipment & Monitor Performance
  • Negotiate Fuel Contracts for Additional Cost Savings